Lessons On Self-Love - Bk2 Ch1 - Summary of Self-Love


Summary of Starting to Self-love, and Why Do It!

This is a very brief summary, of key points from my Self-love book.  Which may bring a little clarity to some people.

This was an impromptu message about Self-love, done because of a Facebook connection.  I have been starting to help people, as sometimes total strangers have sometimes come to me out of the blue (an expression meaning out of nowhere).  Many of my posts are done by me connecting to others and helping them, or them helping me.  Sometimes these strangers have helped me.  I feel this world works very differently, than many people think it does.

The lady I connected to is Garima, and this is not her real name. 

I have left this as a discussion, as Garima, was very open and honest.  And therefore very spiritual.  Also I left some of her English slang, to show that in a country where English is not a first language, she obviously was very good command of the English language.  So to me she was smart, and I am guessing new multiple languages very well.  And to be honest, I don't care if she does not come from India, we are all allowed our privacy.

Image from https://us.organicindia.com/education/organic-india-blog/cellular-self-love

More to come, this is a work in progress....

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Lessons On Self-Love - ch1 - Negative Entities3

Introduction to Negative Entities

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You can believe negative entities are not real, and yes there are some in the spiritual communities that believe that everything is a reflection of you, so negative entities can't exist, which to me means God can't exist.  But honestly to me, this is just an over simplification, because we are in a universe full of souls, so we learn from having lessons with each other.  But there is truth that the world around you, will start to reflect your mental state, as in, if your mental state is a mess, then the house you live in will end up reflecting that mess.  But this concept is for another time.  But I will say, that if two souls, or humans, lived in the one house, then this would have a more complicated outcome.  Say one messy human, and one human that cleans with an OCD disorder, could not live together for too long.  

Also back to why I say "it's okay, not to believe in negative entities", as this can provide you a small measure protection.  Because your belief systems are protected, and therefore you can still have negative thoughts, but if you don't believe in negative entities, then they can't physically interact with you.  Even if you believe in them, and they can physically interact with you, then it's all gentle, as you are protected by angels, and only your own fear is what is mostly triggered.  Believe me, when I say your fear can be really triggered, and you will feel like running for your life.  And the only physical injuries you will have, will be from you being silly.

Okay, say a negative entity scares you while you were driving, and you go over a cliff, and you die.  Well, you will then speak with angels, and your memories will return, and you will know why you came to earth.  You will say to the angels I am not ready to die, I have many lessons left to do.  The angels are not bound by our human perception of time.  So the angels could simply make sure the accident never happened.  This could be more elaborate if you had thoughts of committing suicide, so then an accident where you didn't die would be organised, and a memory of loved ones, on the other side saying "it's not time yet", maybe done for you.  Note you have to ask to die, in order for you to actually die.  If you die in a war, then you already gave permission before your birth, most probably, or you rather not be on Earth in a war zone, and you choose to die.

So, I don't want anyone to get scared, by reading this, you are protected.  Because some people are really scared at the prospect of finding out Negative Entities are real.

But these negative entities, have been around your whole life, and you are safe.  So believe me you are okay, and protected by Angels.  However, Angels will allow you to go through horrible lessons, at the same time, as you being protected.  Most people have one, or two big horrible lessons.

So why do Angels allow these lessons, is because they are lessons you asked for.  This is a general understanding because you incarnated here, then you knew you were to be pushed down, to a lower vibration, so you can learn and do lessons, so most people will push eventually and push their mental state to a higher vibration.  Because this makes them truly stronger and more powerful when you actually are of a higher vibration.  So when you finally get to a higher vibration, then these negative beings can no longer push you down.

So it's a positive thing for you to be pushed in this way, and this is why it is allowed.  So everyone generally asked to be pushed by negative entities and low astral beings (including demons, and even Dark Angels).  Also, negative aliens also are helping with this, there are even psychic parasites and negative ghosts that are also around you.

So you should actually love the negative entities for giving so much of their time to you, and when they connect they can only give you negative thoughts via your soul level connections, this connection only works when it is done through love.  Which is weird because sometimes these thoughts are very negative, and is aimed at ego, jealousy, rape, murder,  etc, and are aimed at bringing you down into lower astral thought patterns.  Also, most of the negative thoughts are brought to you from the human collective thoughts.  So negative aliens can virtually gain little, or no negative Karma, because they do not have these negative thoughts themselves.  For example, if you want to kill your boss, and note that the simple act of you thinking that, then, you will get a little negative Karma from that.  So you are responsible for allowing these negative thoughts, even if they are pushed onto you, and they are not yours.  All you have to do is say "No this is not me", "I don't want these thoughts", etc, and then you're safe.  Note you can't have these thoughts yourself, and then say you don't want them, and think you are safe, you can't trick the universe because the universe works off vibrations.

Note that what Angels call "lower astral" could be perceived as hell.  And note that Earth is a lower astral world, search your heart, and you know this to be true.  But humans are slowly becoming more positive as we are in the time of ascension, where we will become a positive world.  Humans that want to stay negative, will eventually continue their lessons on another negative world, when they reincarnate.

So the idea is not to let your new knowledge introduce fear, because then you will have this fear pushed onto you, and it could end up owning you.  

So remember you chose to come here, to be pushed down, and to do lessons.  You don't need to have fear of it.  In fact, I have much love that I am up for this challenge.  Otherwise, I would have not been allowed to undertake this incarnation on Earth.  And the same goes for all humans, on this Earth. 

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Lessons On Self-Love - ch1 - Negative Entities2

Introduction to Negative Entities,     continued....

Image from https://www.facebook.com/karin.smith.7923030

“Most people should just ignore this issue of negative entities.  However, you should read this just for a little awareness, and just maybe help you understand some minor things in your life.  Now, as this can scare some people, so unless you have these sort of issues listed below, then please just read and forget about negative entities.  Please there is no need to introduce any fear into your life, and understand that nothing in your life has changed.”, From Peter Hangya.

Examples of negative entities messing with you, include: -
  • Having negative thoughts or strong emotions looping around in your head, and they never seem to stop.  
  • Also, you may even have negative feelings about connecting with someone, especially if that someone that can help you with these negative entities.  So negative entities will attempt to steer you away from getting help. 
  • Reading a Facebook Post, text messages, or email, and getting really pissed off with someone and retaliating in some way, with nasty messages.  Then going back and re-reading the message only to find the message did not say anything like you thought it said, in the first place.  
  • Drinking alcohol, getting plastered, which lowers your vibration and then you either notice you were missing time, or you were blacking out, and then people start telling you what you did over the next few days.  Well, you were either fully or partially possessed.
  • Having a craving for Junk food, smoking, alcohol, drugs, too much meat, or any food or any substance that lowers your vibration.  Where you can't give them up, and eat, smoke, or whatever.  You crave these things like a need, where you have them even if you don't like them, and even if makes you sick.
  • Friends, family, even co-workers attack you about things from the past.  So if negative entities can no longer attack you, then they will get your friends and family to attack you.  Especially if you are becoming more spiritual.
  • Also, if you are having issues with negative entities, then you're just undergoing a fear lesson, because you cannot connect with your psychic connections, from a place of fear.

Therefore if you wish, explore Negative Entities further, please follow this Link to my next book.  Noting most of this introduction is repeated, but in more detail.

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